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Our team:

Dr Sheru George

Dr Jackie Crawford

Dr. Sohail Mansoor

Nurse Mary Lawlor

Savinder Jhally
(Lead Laserographer)

Tanya Wright



Dr David OrtonDr Jackie Crawford BSc, MBChB, DRCOG, Dip Prac Derm
Hon Consultant Dermatologist

Dermatologist, with a broad range of highly specialist skills including vulval dermatoses, allergy, contact dermatitis and wound healing.

Having initially trained and practiced as a GP for many years, Jackie switched to dermatology as her main clinical specialty.

She has worked widely as a dermatologist in East Berkshire and Buckinghamshire and now works in Hillingdon and Mount Vernon Hospitals running specialist skin clinics for  vulval skin problems, paediatric skin diseases and general dermatology. She has also run a successful multi-disciplinary wound healing/leg ulcer clinic with vascular surgeons and ultrasonographers.

She has also trained in and has specialist qualifications in Allergy diagnosis and treatment. She has run specialist clinics for children and adults covering all forms of allergy, including food allergies, skin allergies and respiratory allergies.


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