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Our team:

Dr Sheru George

Dr. Sohail Mansoor

Dr Jackie Crawford

Nurse Mary Lawlor

Savinder Jhally
(Lead Laserographer)

Tanya Wright



Dr Sheru George MBChB, FRCP
Consultant Dermatologist

Specialising in: skin Photosensitivity (sunlight allergy), laser surgery & UV phototherapy, Hirsutism, Complex & resistant Eczema and Birthmarks.

Dr Sheru George is a senior NHS consultant dermatologist who established the Laser and Photodermatology services in Amersham’s award winning dermatology department. He trained in Dundee and then moved to Buckinghamshire to complete his accreditation in Oxford and Amersham as a Consultant Dermatologist.

He is Director of the Regional Photodermatology service at Churchill Hospital, Oxford where he specialises in the diagnosis and management of skin photosensitivity. He is also a consultant Dermatologist and the clinical Lead in Hillingdon & Mount Vernon Hospitals where he runs the Laser and Phototherapy service.

Working closely with local vascular surgeons in the private sector, he offers a comprehensive approach to treatment of leg veins, including sclerotherapy and laser treatment. In addition to his general and specialist medical dermatology practice, Dr George has for over 10 years offered botox, fillers and laser resurfacing for a wide range of age and sun related aesthetic skin problems.

He has written and presented papers for a variety of journals and done extensive research in phototherapy. He has worked closely with the pharmaceutical sector and been involved in many clinical research studies of Botox including treatment of frown lines and excess sweating (hyperhidrosis).

Dr George is medical advisor to the Xeroderma Pigmentosum support group; a member of the British Association of Dermatologists, British Photodermatology Group and British Skin Laser Groups; and advisor to the Department of Health and Royal College of Physicians on matters pertaining to UK dermatology.


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